What's your favorite platform for hosting assets outside of git?

Hey folks! I’m starting to add more rich content to my site (read: <video> elements, larger image files, etc.) and wanted to open the floor to everyone on what their preferred method of hosting larger files on Netlify is. I know Netlify offers a large file service via Git LFS, but as someone with no experience with git LFS, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to convert an existing repo and initialize it properly to be used with LFS.

I’ve considered Amazon S3/Azure/Google Cloud as well but one of the things that scares me the most about those platforms is cost volatility. My site does on average <500 views a month, but I want to be wary of any time in the future where I could get a traffic spike and end up being billed for usage way outside my budget. Am I being too overly-cautious by thinking this way?

Interested to hear the community’s thoughts on this one. What are some of your favorite methods of hosting binaries? Do you just roll them into your git repo and eat the issues that come with adding files like that to git? Or do you opt to host with someone else?

I combine netlify.com with a CDN (S3 bucket) on amazon.com.