What would cause my favicon to show on every page except the home page?

Hey everyone. New here and just deployed my first site project successfully thanks to the help I received here. I have a minor issue I’m trying to figure out. My site is a React / React-router site and my favicon won’t show up on the home page. However, it shows up correctly on every other page. Is there something simple I am missing? I currently have my favicon (filename is favicon.ico) in my /public folder. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!

The other info that we would need is your website’s URL to check.

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The favicon file is being served as text/html. Thus, the problem.


This doesn’t normally happen unless you’ve some custom headers somewhere. If you don’t but it’s happening anyways, you can try adding a custom header for that file.

Also by the way, the favicon isn’t loading for other pages too in my case.

@RenaissanceMan It looks as though you have a couple of issues to address on this one: