What Netlify Identity plan or level for stopping automatic email verification


Please help! I’m confused about what plan or level I need to be on to accomplish the following:

  • Allow users to sign up using Netlify Identify without verifying their email address
  • Additionally, tweak the content of the emails that go out (password reset and change of email)

Specifically, does the Pro plan cover this?
Or, do I need to upgrade to the Business plan?
Or, do I need to upgrade to Identity Level 1?

Additionally, please confirm if the Business plan enables me to use my own email service, or whether I need to be on Identity Level 1. Or is this the same thing (ie Business Plan == Identity Level 1)?

I’ve tried finding the answers on the documentation, website, and forum, but I’m not absolutely clear on this.

Thank you!

Identity Email templates can be changed only on Pro and above plans. But rest of the stuff would work for starter too.

Just note that, Identity Level 1 is different than account level Pro.

Thank you! Based on your response, I need to be on Pro to switch off the email verification process.

Currently, when I tick the box to disable verification emails (I’m on the starter plan) the system says:

“Starter teams cannot customize email templates” (even though I only want to switch off sending).

No, your users can signup without confirming email address even on the starter plan.

I was saying…

…this part needs Pro or above.

You need to choose autoconfirm option, not sure if that’s the one you’re using.

I may not be looking in the right place? I have attached a screenshot that shows the tickbox does not work on the starter plan, but am I doing something wrong?

Yeah that’s the correct one. So switching the checkbox on this doesn’t work?

I’d expect it to, but if it doesn’t that could be a bug (or intentional - I’d have to confirm that).

Hello! Thanks for confirming. Yes, it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps the access to the functionality has tightened recently and gone behind the paywall? It would be good to confirm whether access to the ‘switch’ is by upgrading to the Pro plan.

I’ve looped in the appropriate team to give a more accurate answer to this.

Hi @LiamB14,

This appears to be a bug. I’ve filed it for the team to look at. However, I don’t know if/when this will be fixed.

Unfortunately till then you’d either have to subscribe to Pro or continue without that feature.

Thank you. I really appreciate your help!

This is still a problem. Is it going to be fixed or is it a feature now?

Simplicity is key for starter plans.

I also experienced that the verification does not work via the email, but that be my implementation.


Hi, @Eivind. The issue filed for this is still open and it has not been resolved. If it is known to be resolved, we will post an update here to let you know.

What’s the status of this bug? Unless you are paying, all free Netlify accounts are effectively stuck and we can’t really experiment with Netlify Identity by disabling email verification. Can you at least manually turn this feature off if we manually request it?

hi there,

i’m going to try and get some updated information on this and will post here when/if i do, i understand it’s nt ideal the way it is right now :neutral_face:

Hi, @phb71. It would help us to understand how not being able to disable the email verification prevents you from testing Identity.

The only limitation I see this imposing is that you must verify the email addresses to test Identity. That doesn’t seem like a particularly restrictive limitation. Would you please explain how that prevents you from testing? Is there some other hurdle I’m not understanding?

hi there @phb71 and everyone else! we pushed a fix for this today, so this should be back to working again as it should. please take another look, and if you have any unexpected problems, please let us know right away! thank you for your patience.

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