What is the correct Load Balancer IP

In this Documentation it says the Load Balancer IP is , but in lots of google posts and even here the support says it is So which one should I add to my Route 53 Host Zone in AWS to make it work? was the old one. It was recently changed. So use the one documented.


Hi @hrishikesh - we rely on the load balancer IP for our partners to configure custom domains on our platform. Unfortunately, we have that IP address hardcoded into the instructions:

We recently realized it changed only because one of our partners submitted a support request saying that their custom subdomain wasn’t working. After a bunch of back-and-forth and troubleshooting, we realized the IP address had changed. So now I’m going to change that hardcoded value, which is easy enough.

But my question for you is how can we proactively update that IP address in the future so we can prevent our partners from pointing their DNS at the wrong IP when it changes again? Is there an API endpoint we can use to dynamically retrieve that value? Or is there some notification we can subscribe to so we know when it’s going to change?


Hi @noerbot,

We don’t know if this will be a permanent IP address or not. Sometimes some technical complications force us to make a change. But yes, in future, we do plan to communicate with the users if and when this happens.

Okay, thanks for the additional info! Glad to hear Netlify will give us a heads up if/when this happens again. :+1:

hi @noerbot - we are going to try and give you as much lead time as we can! Last time was a bit of a scramble due to circumstances, but we’ve learned a lot and are gonna be able to be a lot more proactive in the future. thanks for your support & trust!