What happens to a deploy when website deleted?

So i bought a domain iwth blue host and started hosting my wesbite
After publishing my website i could not see it
So i decided to try to try linking to Netlify instead
I changed the DNS parameter from the Bluehost address to the Netlify one and it seems to work fine
Then i tried making a deploy thinking it would only affect my netlify sub domain
but it seems ti have also affected my main domain
as i couldn’t access not more and was getting an error message saying the website for fishy and trying to steal informations etc
Then i decided to delete everything and set it back to normal but i’m still getting the same error
So i was wondering if the deploy was still up or no
But also could i have more detail on what happens when i change the dns server and if i could set properly maybe to have the website working again

You will need to provide information before anyone can help, such as your custom domain name and your Netlify domain name.

Thanks for the prompt, Greg - that is a good next step for getting our help, @neak

Oh sorry
My domain name was mickaelaetclementwedding.netlift.com

Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

We need your custom domain name, too. Could it possibly be mickaelaetclementwedding.com? If so, be advised that the DNS still points to Bluehost name servers, so you need to be more specific about what DNS changes you made.

Also, am I correct in assuming you meant to type https://mickaelaetclementwedding.netlify.com?

Hey @Neak,
We don’t have any record of that domain name in our database, but you’re likely getting that fishy/stealing error message because your site is not HTTPS (it’s HTTP).

I do see that you have this site up:

which you seem to pointing to from your domain registrar? If you own the domain name mickaelaetclementwedding.com, I’d recommend adding it here:

and we’ll automatically configure an SSL certificate for you, which should take care of that error page you get. Want to give that a try and let us know if you continue to run into issues?