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What happens if the bandwidth is exhausted?

Will I be reminded via email when my bandwidth consumption reaches a certain threshold, allowing me to pay for the additional bandwidth that I require? Please also explain how to pay for bandwidth and build minutes and walk me through the process.

Hi @tharun_p,

You receive alerts at 50%, 80% and so on. But to keep your sites active, we automatically upgrade and charge your account. While bandwidth is something you can’t really control, you can disable builds for your sites once you reach closer to the limit.

You just need to keep a card added to the account, and after your each billing cycle, the amount for that month will be deducted.

But I don’t want to be charged for bandwidth and my builds automatically, thus I needed to know the precise billing amount to pay (pricing) for the bandwidth and my builds as well.

Hi @tharun_p,

It’s automatic or nothing at the moment, sadly. When you’re over the limits, we’d automatically add additional packs like $20 for additional 100 GB bandwidth and $7 for additional 500 build minutes. So if you keep on going over the limit of the additional packs, even more would get added.

I completely get what you’re saying. Thank you; I understand now.