What exactly counts as a user?

Hi everybody!

I’m wondering what exactly counts as a “user” in the current pricing model?
Is a user only someone who has access to Netlify’s dashboard and can manage sites, or do we need to add as user everybody who’s gonna need to commit and trigger deploys on a project? (kinda like Vercel does : it doesn’t trigger deploys for commit from people not on the team).

Basically : if I only need one person managing websites, but have a team of 10 people working on a single project, with everybody wanting to be able to trigger deploys, should everybody be added as billable users or just one?

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Hi, @simonc. Users are counted as unique “team members” which have been added as members of an account/team at Netlify. You can see your list of team members when logged in here:


If you are logged in when clicking the link above, it will redirect to the actual URL for your team or you default team if you have more than one. Your “default team”, if you have more than one, is the last team you viewed in the web UI.

Other people committing to the Git repo do not require access to Netlify to make a git push to send commits upstream. If one person has granted Netlify access to the Git repo in question, then commits being pushed to the upstream repo (“upstream” meaning the Git host repo) this will trigger a build/deploy at Netlify.

For more information about how repo permission are handled, there is documentation here.

Note, builds only happens for the branches configured for the site at Netlify - which can be all branches or only one/some branch(es). If someone pushes a commit to a branch not configured for the site at Netlify, then there will be no build. There are other methods to stop all builds or skip individual builds also.

If there are other questions, we are happy to answer.

Thanks for your answer Luke, really clear and helpful!

So basically billing is not affected at all by the project’s team size, which is great :slight_smile:



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