What esbuild version is Netlify using, how can I change it?

We currently ran into an issue with our site deploy, where deploying TypeScript functions failed. After some digging, we figured out it must be due to an older esbuild version being used (namely one before 0.14.38, that introduced support for TypeScript 4.7 instantiation expression.

I looked through the docs and forums but couldn’t find any info on how to find out which esbuild version is used by Netlify and especially how to set the desired esbuild version.

Hey @essenmitsosse,

Netlify uses a forked version of esbuild: GitHub - netlify/esbuild: An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier

Thanks for the quick reply. So I take that we can’t use the newer TypeScript features, since there is no way to manually update the Netliy esbuild and it seems to be quite far behind the original esbuild release?

What makes you think that? The last commit to our fork was a little over a month ago. It should support most of the features - I’ve been using it in a Typescript 4.8 project without issues. Are you running into any specific issues?

Ah sorry, I just looked at the releases, that stopped last year. Sorry for that.

But as far as I can see the current version netlify/esbuild is 0.14.25 — but like stated above, there was a fix that we need to instantiation expressions that was only added in 0.14.38.

Thanks for sharing, we can ask about that to the devs and let you know.