What does "Enable typographer option to see result." mean in Bejamas Next.js template?

I’m using the Bejamas next.js blog theme: https://bejamas-nextjs-blog.netlify.app/. In there is an example post that shows how to use different Markdown elements such as heading levels, tables, links, and so on. How to create SVG-ready icon symbols in Sketch PART 2 - Jay Doe

One of them says “Typographic Replacements” - and to “enable typographer option to see result.” I assume doing so would turn (c) into the proper copyright symobl, and other typographic replacements.

But how do I do this? I don’t see a typographer option anywhere else on the repo. Googling it doesn’t turn up useful responses.

Hey @foundinblank

Believe this is what is meant