What determines blog post order?

I have painstakingly converted hundreds of old blog posts to Markdown and exported to Json files which are now in my Nuxt\Netlify Cms /content/blog folder.

Now they all show up when I run it, but they are in alphabetical order.

What determines how they appear? I have a publishedAt property in my Json, and I’ve set the file Creation\Modified dates to the dates they were added to the old system.

What am I missing here?

Hi @sitefinitysteve, do you mean blog posts order as shown in the CMS UI or in your Website?
The CMS supports sorting so you can control the order that way:

For your Website you’ll need to look into how you’re transforming the content to HTML.
Nuxt docs https://nuxtjs.org/ might help to figure that out.

Website, figured it out though sorry I was just confused about how nuxt worked with netlify cms :slight_smile:

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