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What browsers does Netlify Support?

I’m working on a new project — and need to decide which browsers to support. I want to support as many browsers as possible — but not at the expense of the security and performance provided by Netlify.

It occured to me that netlify uses TLS 1.2 and above, so no support for Internet Explorer <= 10 or Android Browser <= 4.4.4 — these browsers wont be able to navigate to my site at all, so there’s no point of my CSS including a fallback for flexbox.

For now I’m using support for TLS 1.2 as a cut off point for the browsers I should target. Here’s the TLS 1.2 support table from Can I Use.

But are there other features that force out older browsers with a different support?

And does Netlify have an official set of browsers it aims to support?

Any help would be much appreciated.

No. Netlify just serves the files, so there’s nothing as such to support except the TLS part like you .mentioned. So you’re correct, you can exclude the browsers that don’t support TLS >= v1.2