What are valid values for codeGenerator in netlify graph

I am trying to build a site with eleventy and netlify graph.
Following instructions I have configured netlify.toml to

  codeGenerator = "netlify-builtin:eleventy"

But nothing is building and the netlify graph browser doesn’t work either

Could you please share what instructions you’re referring to? I’m sorry, I’m unable to find any reference to that code snippet.

Also, Graph usually works without any configuration.

Could you share more about what you’ve tried, or what exactly led you to try that config, or what you wish to achieve, etc.?

I think he means this :point_up_2:. I am also having an issue where I add this to my toml in my local repo.

“No codegen is configured but we detected a create-react-app framework. Want to auto-configure codegen?”

We have added it to the toml but nothing happens and the error doesn’t go away

Thanks for the input @aaronm!

Sadly, I’ve absolutely no idea how you even got that screen or what that text means. I’ve looped this to our devs and will let you know as soon as we have more information.

Could you let us know your Netlify CLI version @aaronm?

I am running netlify-cli/11.5.1

this is currently the error I am getting, after connecting my session:

After clicking “auto-configure codegen”, this pops up:

so I add the line to my toml file in my local machine and re-run the session connection command. And error continues in a loop.

The thing that is not happening is that the functions are not auto-generating as an export function for me to use in my app. From what I’ve read these functions need to be created when you click the magic wand on the graph cloud sandbox but sadly the button remains unclickable and I believe it is because of that error described earlier.


@hrishikesh I am getting the same problems as @aaronm.
To be honest I could not get past the issue so I’ve stopped using netlify:graph for now.

Thanks for the info, we’ve passed that to the devs and will continue to relay any more info that we get.