Weird URL ending when going to website through Google? Was my website hacked?

Hey all,

Hoping to get some help on this issue, not sure if my website has been hacked (didn’t think that was even possible with static sites).

I am using 11ty and deploying to Netlify from Github (using a private repo so don’t think the issue is there).

When I go through my website all the URL endings are fine. However, when I click through on a link from Google the URL has an odd ending:

What it usually looks like:
What the Google version looks like:

Is this normal, has my site been compromised, any ideas?


Not sure how this is a Netlify issue. If Google is linking your website incorrectly, you can try contacting Google about it to ask for a clarification.

The website is linking correctly, there is just a weird trail at the end of the URL. Would it be possible that there was a breach at the server level as there is a form on that page?

It’s just a query string that Google is appending. Could you please clarify why do you think:

  1. This is an attack on your website?
  2. A Netlify issue since the link hasn’t been posted there by Netlify?