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Website with custom domain goes offline randomly

PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post!
my website: www.converwise.com
the internal domain is: converwise.netlify.app.

The internal domain works perfectly but the custom domain goes offline randomly.
most of the times it happens in safari, but now it happens also in chrome (macOS).

I tried clearing cache in safari (using guides online) to no avail.

thanks for your help.

Hello, I have open this and it is working in my computer.

This issue generally happens when you’ve nameservers of different services configured for the same domain. Is that the case by any chance?

Even if it’s not, it’d help to be able to see how your website’s DNS is setup to connect to Netlify.

@liavh The next time this happens, see if you can get a HAR file for the Netlify support team.


yes, it goes offline/online rapidly, sometimes it even work in one browser and not the other.

hi there, can you check and see if you have the right DNS settings?

ok I will try and get that file, thanks!

I don’t think so, I registered this domain recently and did the same procedure I usually do.

how can I show you my DNS setup?

A screenshot should help.

ok, so my dns setup in netlify is:

and in my domain registrar (Namecheap)
I just added the name servers. @hrishikesh

Okay then, were you able to get the HAR files as @greg suggested?

Yes, got it from chrome. I couldn’t find a way to upload it here so here’s a link: https://we.tl/t-nvruXAbo8D @hrishikesh


Great, I guess that can help @perry or @luke check if and what’s going wrong on Netlify’s end.

Hi, @liavh. Thank you for making the HAR recording. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t explain why the connection is failing.

Normally, the logs would show the IP address that was being contacted. There is no destination IP address recorded in that HAR file.

Would you please let us know what IP address the browser is trying to contact when this happens?

I have noticed that today.