Website went offline - DNS issue

Hi ! My website ( just went offline, “Unknow Host”. I havent made any changes to the code recently so i’m guessing my DNS expired. Issue is, the previous guy that recorded the dns is no longer reachable. So i buyed directly from netllify, added the CNAME record to but i still cant reach Any ideads? Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

So you already updated the CNAME record? If so can you wait 48 hours and see if it will self solve as this may be a propagation issue.

I did ! I will wait, then. the CNAME is already visible on dnslookup.
Thank you for your input !

It appears is using Netlify DNS. However the existence of a CNAME record for means the DNS is not configured as per documentation. Only records of type NETLIFY (not A/CNAME) should exists when using Netlify DNS unless a subdomain is served from somewhere else.

I have found that, my previous DNS, expired. But still, i can’t buy it on netlify Because it is described has already registred. So for now i registred .org to keep the website alive.

I,m sorry, so my question is, how come a dns be own by another person but be expired at the same time ? This collaborator dont work with us anymore

DNS doesn’t expire. It gets changed by someone which in turn breaks things.

Whois shows the nameservers for are set to Netlify DNS. Using dig and Zoho Toolkit shows there are currently no DNS records (including NS) associated with the domain.

Is this domain part of the Netlify account operated by you? (See:[YOUR_TEAM_NAME]/dns.) If it is, then you should have no issues assigning it to any site you also control.

If not…

Based on whois information, was purchase through Amazon Registrar. Do you have access to the account that registered this domain? If you do then I suggest changing the nameservers to Amazon default, and verifying domain ownership as outlined in [Support Guide] "another site is using this domain" Verifying domain ownership for Netlify production domain. Support can then remove the domain from the other account enabling it for use by you.

I corrected it, thank you !

Thank you very much for this answer. I do am the owner of this netlify account. I tryed to add dns record but that doesnt seems to work. On Amazon, it is no where to be found !

You don’t add DNS records in Netlify. You need to add the domain to a site as a custom domain. Netlify then automatically creates the appropriate records.

If this is not possible, you could remove the domain from Netlify DNS and then try adding and configuring it again.