Website switching

My website is related to a food blog which gives the user about the best information on the latest recipes

alton brown sugar cookies.

If I switch my website from WordPress to notify so should I lost my google ranking?
Here is my website link:


@shobi101 Welcome to the Netlify community.

When you say “switch from WordPress to Netlify,” I assume you mean that you are abandoning WordPress in favor of JAMStack pages on Netlify, because Netlify does not run WordPress.

The short answer to your question is no, you can preserve your Google ranking.

The longer answer is that to preserve your Google ranking, you will want either to mirror the file structure of your WordPress site in static pages on Netlify, or create redirects for each existing WordPress page to point to its new static-page location on Netlify. As it is, WordPress pages have a .php suffix while static-site pages have a .html suffix, so you may need to do both – have the same file structure and redirect .php pages to .html pages.

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