Website still pointing to netlify app after custom domain has been removed from DNS


I need some help here. I’ve removed my custom domain ( from my Netlify App in Site Settings > Domain Management, and have waited almost a week for records to unvalidate. I have made sure all name servers and DNS records were removed from my domain host (namecheap).

However, I am still noticing that is still pointing to the netlify app on my browser. When I open on an incognito window, it is properly pointing to my new site. I am concerned because any previous traffic that has cached to the netlify site will still be navigating there.

How do I remedy this? Is there a way to clear the cache, so that old and new users visiting are pointed to the new site? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @carpedn Welcome to the Netlify community

This is the site I see when I visit

which I see is now with Shopify. I also note that redirects to too.

Your DNS is with Namecheap and A record with Shopify

There are different cache clearing methods depending on your browser (e.g. fro Chrome Settings > Clear browsing data.) Note that this method will clear a lot more than the cache for one site.

Alternatively, (in Chrome) Settings > Cookies and other site data you can remove site-specific data which is worth trying first.

@carpedn You seem to be seeing a local caching issue, which won’t affect anyone coming to your site for the first time. Your headers return a value for cf-cache-status, so if that is Cloudflare caching you can clear that from within Cloudflare just to be certain that return visitors will be directed to the current version of your site.

@gregraven and @coelmay, really appreciate the speedy response!

How do I go about clearing the cf-cache-status in cloudflare from Netlify? We have a lot of returning visitors so I want to ensure they get directed to the new site.

Looking forward to your response

@carpedn You clear the Cloudflare cache through your Cloudflare dashboard (for static sites).

Sorry, I should have clarified that I don’t have a cloudflare account, so i’m unsure how that header is returning cf-cache-status. Is there anything from Netlify DNS that could be causing this?

I was reading from this Netlify community post, that there are UI inconsistencies with the DNS. Could that be a potential issue?

@carpedn I doubt this is a Netlify issue because there is literally nothing in your DNS that refers and/or points to Netlify. I still think this may be a local caching issue. What happens when you clear and/or circumvent your local cache(s)?

@gregraven, ok got it - thanks for checking

Yes, it is indeed a local caching issue. I’ve cleared my cache and it points to the correct site. Also works in incognito mode.

However, I’m wondering if there is a way for returning visitors to my site to get redirected to the new site without asking them to clear the cache?

Alternatively, I pushed a recent change to production redirect the app to (note the subdomain), as this seems to work for returning customers even though is cached. I used the following meta refresh

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=" /> redirects to, which works perfectly

However, the new changes don’t seem to be reflected on It appears that its caching the older version of the site. I’m guessing I’d have to reconnect the domain back to Netlify DNS, then re-push the changes up again? I’ll try this out and report back.

Thanks for all your help so far

Ok that worked!

Not the most elegant solution, but it seems to be the best way to redirect traffic that still have our old site cached. Thanks everyone for your help

@carpedn if you are worried that people may see and not get redirected to you can add a redirect to ensure all traffic it sent to your custom domain.