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Website starts to fall apart after the homepage. No images and site url starts to break down

Here is what’s going on with my site.

  1. Images not showing up beyond the homepage.

The home page shows every image the way it should be. The logo in the corner of the tab, the header logo, and the image for the post are all working as intended. Beyond the homepage nothing shows up on the blog list and any other page. It’s as if they don’t exist, but that can’t be the case since it showed up on the homepage.

  1. Url problems

I’m not for sure if this is on the Netlify end or not, but when I click on tags, in the footer, when I’m on my blog post it just adds the tags to the url and not actually goes to insertsitename.com/tags. It rather does insertsitename.com/blog/post1/tags. This problem is for most of the sites if you don’t follow the path correctly. When I previewed on my local hugo server and forestry the site was working as intended.

The site in question is this:

If you want to look at my github repo for this site it’s here:


In post1.md you have

image: "images/post/post-1.jpg"

which is loading relative to the path you are on (ie. https://60fa2ddf1ee82900076c8b49--serene-franklin-0ddd7b.netlify.app/blog/post-1/images/post/post-1.jpg) whereas you need to make the image path

image: "/images/post/post-1.jpg"

which is relative to the site root (ie. https://60fa2ddf1ee82900076c8b49--serene-franklin-0ddd7b.netlify.app/images/post/post-1.jpg)