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Website shows not served by Netlify after nameservers change


We developed a new website to replace an old site that was previously hosted on Cloudflare. After pointing the new nameservers to netlify and adding the custom domains, it looks like the URL still pointing to the older site. In addition to that, SSL/TLS certificate can not be added due to the error “DNS verification failed: * www.llanoglobal.com doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify”.

Any insights would be much appreciated!

Default subdomain: llano.netlify.app

Hi @Larry_Cheng

Looking at NS DNS Checker I can see at least one instance of old Cloudflare servers still existing. It is possible propagation is not complete yet. DNS changes can up 48 hours in some instances.

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Thank you for the reply.
I guess I will wait for tomorrow to see if it will fix itself.

While it can take up to 48 hours, it is generally much quicker. (In fact, I am seeing SSL now!)

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Yeah I can see it too! but the old site still showing haha, hopefully, it will show up soon!

Quick question, will it speed up the process if I manually delete the old site in the old Cloudflare server? or it does not matter in this case?

Cannot say for certain as have minimal experience with Cloudflare services.

My hunch is that if there are still some DNS pointing to Cloudflare, deleting the site won’t speed things up and my lead to some people not having access to your site (old or new) until new DNS settings are fully propagated.

Happy to stand corrected on this. Cloudflare documentation may provide more information.

Thank you so much, new site is now live. :}