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I am launching an NFT collection in the next two days and I need to make sure my web security is tight. I am not the most technically advanced but how do I prevent ddos attacks on my website? There is alot of hype around my project and I want to do everything possible to keep my site up and running. I want to upgrade my plan and would like recommendation on what plan to get to receive the highest security. Or do I need to couple your service with something else to ensure the security is at high level.


Hey there, @BoredMama

Thanks so much for reaching out. We have your question in the Helpdesk as well, and if you have any confidential questions please feel free to respond there.

High level, we do not ask customers to upgrade for security features. I have shared your information with our Sales team so that you can discuss custom plans should that still be of interest to you. Additionally, I have notified both our Support Team and Site Reliability team of your launch dates and they will be online during those times.

As far as security goes, we have had many customers with similar launches in the past. Our team uses a public bug bounty program , has implemented active DDOS mitigation, and has contracts with 3rd-party Penetration Testers to ensure the safety of our service & our customers’ sites. You can read more about our security work here: Security at Netlify