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Website not accessible everywhere

My portfolio website, works just fine for most people, including all devices in my home. For some people, it gives them page not found error for some reason. I have no idea why this is happening. My URL is https://saifabuelhasan.netlify.app/

Hi @Saiofa99,

If we could see a screenshot of what the error looks like it could be useful. For the time being, I can see the website loads perfectly fine.

I also noticed that when the website doesn’t load for someone it doesn’t load for all devices connected to the same network for some reason

Hi @Saiofa99,

It’s not a page not found error, it’s a server not found error. Those are 2 different things.

I think it’s the ISP having some problems with resolving the DNS. Could you try using a VPN or change network (use mobile data instead of WiFi)?

It would probably work if they switched to mobile data. The problem is that it isn’t easily accessible to everyone. This wasn’t the problem with only one or two devices.

Hi @Saiofa99,

Yes, but as I said, the problem you’re seeing means the DNS server is failing to find the server. There’s nothing we can do from our end that could fix this for your users, especially not if it’s not consistent and happens to all.

You can try contacting the ISP to check up with them as to why the DNS resolution is failing.