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Website is getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Hi, I Uploaded my domain with the Netlify “www.vlightsoft.com”. and I have redirected an “Blogger” for the registered domain.

After deleted the blogger account, I am facing an Issue.


The website is opening sometimes, but mostly it says ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

Can you help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Raghul63

Your domain is not configured correctly.

This section is correct, with the bare/apex in Netlify DNS.

$ dig vlightsoft.com NS
vlightsoft.com.         3600    IN      NS      dns3.p06.nsone.net.
vlightsoft.com.         3600    IN      NS      dns4.p06.nsone.net.
vlightsoft.com.         3600    IN      NS      dns1.p06.nsone.net.
vlightsoft.com.         3600    IN      NS      dns2.p06.nsone.net.

However, there is an issue with the www as it appears the record still exist in/point to Google DNS.

$ dig www.vlightsoft.com NS
www.vlightsoft.com.     3600    IN      CNAME   ghs.google.com.

google.com.             60      IN      SOA     ns1.google.com. dns-admin.google.com. 405223122 900 900 1800 60

Check over the configuration you have entered with your registrar and make any changes necessary to ensure it conforms with the requirements set out in Netlify DNS docs.

Hi @coelmay,

Thank you for your response,

I am new to domain config,

I have remove the following CNAME and every other config from google.com
www.vlightsoft.com. 3600 IN CNAME ghs.google.com.

I am still facing the issue in Mobile Platforms.

Thanks in advance,

Have checked on my phone (using cellular network) and the site loads with SSL.

Hi there, @Raghul63 :wave:

Are you still encountering issues? Seconding @coelmay, the site loads on my phone as well. Unfortunately, we will not be able to look into this further with additional steps to replicate the issue. Please let us know if you can provide anything further.

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