Website down with Deno Deploy errors 500, 502, 504 randomly


I’ve been checking both Netlify Status and Deno Status for the last 15-20 minutes but I see no issue listed.

I understand there are issues, and that’s fine, but I’d like to see it tracked.

As I’m about to hit Send on this post the website just came back up. Still no mention of the issue on either status page so my worry remains.

Hi @coldino :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums there is an issue with deno and we are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the update. There’s now a notice on the status page too :slight_smile:
I would have felt more comfortable if it were detected by any of the status page tests and/or it was reported as a known issue in the ~45 minutes it was being investigated for.

Still, thatnk you for your great service.

High rate of errors for sites using Edge Functions

Resolved - We were seeing a high rate of errors for sites using Edge Functions between 14:46 UTC - 15:28 UTC. The team has identified the root cause and the service availability is returned to normal.
Jan 31, 15:29 UTC