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Webpage not showing up? I can't login to Netlify?

Hi, I noticed that when I go to my webpage, jlawsin.com, I receive the message that the site cannot be reached (DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE)? After resetting my DNS cache through the terminal, that didn’t fix anything. I’ve also contacted my domain provider, and everything on there seems to be working properly so I was advised to contact you guys.

I have tried logging through Github and/or just email, but it’s not working. When I log in and authenticate through the Github link, I get this message:

Authentication Error
Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.

I have looked at my Github setting and everything is working fine on there also. At this point, I was left to simply try logging in my email and password, however, once I key in the required fields, I am taken to another page where the Netlify logo just spins around.


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You can use DNS Checker / jlawsin.com / NS to see the propagation of DNS records around the world. When I checked I see only two servers listing Netlify nameservers. The majority list no nameservers which is why your site is not reachable.

Note that DNS propagation take take from a few minutes, to several hours or more than a day: [Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL)

Did you try logging in or creating an account?

Do you have any ad blocking, internet security, or browser extensions? BitDefender is known to cause issues for people. Try disabling any software/extensions and try again.

I checked the site and it only shows 3 checkmarks that are overseas and not even inside the US. This is weird.

The only thing I can think of was that I downloaded NordVPN last month, but I put that on disable mode. No Pi-Hole or BitDefender. I’m using the Brave browser and checked the extensions, but everything seems to be normal and are not a security app.

I have tried logging in two separate ways; Github and by using my email/password, but the page always is stuck at loading when I do it that way.

When I try to log into Netlify by clicking the “Email” tab with the correct information. The page just loads with the Netlify logo spinning in the middle. This can go on forever. I have tried to reset the password, and after changing the password, it also does the same issue.

When I try to log into the “Github” tab I get this message:

Authentication Error

Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.

Nameserver propagation is not taking place which suggests an issue with setup. In Namecheap, Custom DNS should look like this:

Then you need to ensure your domain is configured in Netlify using these docs.

I am unable to assist with the log in issue. Hopefully a Support Engineer can provide you some assistance soon.

Hi, @qws. I see there is a support ticket opened about this and we have replied there with an explanation.

You should be able to log in now. If not or if there are other questions about this, please reply (to either this topic or the ticket - whichever you prefer) and we will be here to assist.

Hi Luke, thank you for replying. I’m curious to what was causing the issue in the first place?

The issue is explained in the ticket. Your account was suspended for copyright infringement.

Sorry, I didn’t see where it was mentioned that. Can you elaborate on what I did to cause the copyright infringement?

Thank you! It works now.

Hi there, @qws :wave:

Regarding the copyright infringement issues, Luke shared further details in Sunday evening in the helpdesk ticket you opened. Let us know if you’re not seeing that in your inbox. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve looked, but can’t seem to find the details Luke sent to my inbox?

Hi @qws,

This was the message sent by Luke:


The following site was reported as violating our terms of service:


This page was reported to us by Google. Because it used Google’s copyrighted logo without their permission the site and team were suspended.

The other sites on this team do not appear to violate our terms of service and I have reactivated the team now. However, the site above will remain suspended. We can delete it from your dashboard if you give us permission to do so.

Please be certain you have permissions to upload any intellectual property to our systems before you do so in the future. If copyrighted content is hosted on this team again, we will permanently suspend the team at that time.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Thank you for the reply, I finally see it!

I’m sorry for violating the ToS. I give you permission to go delete the google homepage website, it was a school project, and at the time didn’t cross my mind that it would be an issue.

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Hi @qws,

The website has been deleted!

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