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Webpack react js in netlify

I got error when i deploy my project in netlify
actually in local everything is fine

hmm. this might be helpful?

what does it mean? because of this app.jsx didnt work image

hi, did you read the article?

does this build locally? that’s the first thing to always confirm. If it does not, then it is not a Netlify issue, if it does, then you definitely want to check your file paths, component names, etc and make sure everything can be found and is in the right case.

yeah its work in local…
and idk why doesn’t work in netlify
this is my package.json

and this is my webpack.common.js

Would you mind including a text snippet of your package.json? I can’t see the rest of your dependencies and want to make sure everything’s up to date.

Is your project in a public repo?

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Hi @afieyudha :wave:t2:

A couple of follow-up questions based on the article @perry linked if you don’t mind:

  • Which operating system are you running locally?
  • @perry asked if it’s building locally which is different than ‘running’ the project locally. Have you installed netlify-cli and attempted to run netlify build?

Also, I totally agree with @cassidoo - can you upload those files as text rather than images? Super tough to read the web pack config. Additionally, you uploaded an image of your common webpack config but your package scripts load webpack with Prod and Dev configs, so those will be more relevant in walking back the stack trace.