Webpack 5 to SWC

My latest loop when spinning up the site on netlify create.

4:13:42 PM: [info] Restarting Next.JS
4:13:42 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: ready - started server on, url:
4:13:43 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: info - Using webpack 5. Reason: Enabled by default https://nextjs.org/docs/messages/webpack5
4:13:44 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: [sourcebit-source-filesystem] loading stackbit.yaml and models…
4:13:44 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: It looks like you’re trying to use TypeScript but do not have the required package(s) installed.
4:13:44 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: Please install @types/react by running:
4:13:44 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: yarn add --dev @types/react
4:13:44 PM: [debug] [nextjs]: If you are not trying to use TypeScript, please remove the tsconfig.json file from your package root (and any TypeScript files in your pages directory).
4:13:44 PM: [info] Restarting Next.JS

The site is nextjs 14.1.2. We don’t use webpack anymore since the swc switch right?

Your logs don’t indicate you’re using Next.js 14. Mind sharing all the logs?