Webmention functionality - feature suggestion


In order to gain greater control of my social web interactions, I would like to see a serverless Webmention implementation (as specified in https://www.w3.org/TR/webmention/).


Max Boek has an excellent blogpost about WebMention support for serveless static sites. Take a look at his implementation.

Great! A new dimension of serverless (and JAMstack) seems to be is in the making. What if we could take full control of everything we publish on the web?

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I know Netlify is more geared towards the JAMStack, but has anyone found an example of how to do this with Jekyll? I want to use Bridgy to POSSE links to my posts as tweets, but almost every example I’ve found has moved away to something like 11ty (no offense, but it’s just not my first choice).

The stumbling block comes when sending webmentions, Bridgy will let you do this with a cURL command, but it would be better if it was automatic. Does Netlify’s server setup support this kind of thing?

Site repo is here if that helps.