Webhook skipped nog being set to "true" after skipped build


We’re currently having some issues with webhook deploy notifications. We have a webhook set up that triggers when a deployment succeeds. That webhook used to set skipped: true when a previous deploy was skipped (so no notification was sent then). Currently we’re only receiving skipped: false so we don’t know if a previous deploy was skipped on Netlify. Our site name is anwbcamping-cms.netlify.app if that helps.

This is what we see on Netlify:

But in the notification of the deployed commit we see this:

In the past skipped would be set to true. Could this be a bug on Netlify side?

If the behavior changed, that sounds unintentional to me! I intend to file an issue for our dev team to investigate. Do you happen to know when you first saw the change so I can try to help them narrow down the search for the code change that led to this?