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Web site deployed is opening on destope but not opening one phone here is a link please

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here is my site name: https://fervent-spence-1dddcb.netlify.app/
i have deployed and it is working on desktop perfectly but when i try to open on phone it is not showing anything just showing white board , i used media query for responsiveness and tried in both disabling and enabling cases of mediaquery but same problem i am having

Hi @coder1

Welcome to the forums :netliconfetti:

For me it does not work perfectly on the desktop:

As you can see from the error messages, your script is trying to load data from http://localhost:3001 which is not accessible.

In static/js/components/NewsFilter.js I see

useEffect(() => {
    }, []);

in NewsAddForm.js I see

const addNewNews = (e)=>{
        const newNews = {id,name,category,description}
        request(' http://localhost:3001/news',

as the URL is present in other files too.

Do you have a variable in your code, or perhaps the homepage in the package.json of your repository set to http://localhost:3001?

Hi Netlify Support forms team thank you for your immediate response. actually while building my project i used the " concurrently" tool and late on it did not work and I changed the start and build of the script file in package.json,might be it is not working because of this, but still, i can open it from deployed link i checked several times

(( again I am attaching the link in case any problem happened with the first link please check this out https://fervent-spence-1dddcb.netlify.app/

Please take a look at my screenshot of the package.json file might be the solution is here

Hi @coder1

The problem remains exactly the same as I previously stated.

This is the blank screen I see when visiting https://fervent-spence-1dddcb.netlify.app/

And these are the errors I see in the Developer Tools:

Again, it shows the React App trying to connect to http://localhost:3001 and I don’t have anything running on that port for the app to connect to. I also assume you don’t have anything on your phone running on that port which is why when you view the site on your phone it doesn’t work. The (likely) reason it works on your desktop is you have something running on that port the app is connecting to. If you test this from another desktop computer does the site work or not?

Can you share the git repository you are deploying from?

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