We have a paid account but our builds time out after 15m. How can we increase the limit?

Hi there,

concerning site pedantic-pare-b984ea we just added a couple pages and assets and builds are failing due a timeout hitting at 15 minutes. We still have lots of build minutes left and we are on a paid account, can you please take a look?

Here are the relevant build logs:
5:04:22 PM: info bootstrap finished - 770.728s
5:04:26 PM: success run static queries - 3.873s - 6/6 1.55/s
5:04:31 PM: success run page queries - 4.375s - 341/341 77.94/s
5:04:31 PM: success write out requires - 0.018s
5:06:10 PM: success Building production JavaScript and CSS bundles - 99.006s
5:06:11 PM: success Rewriting compilation hashes - 0.045s
5:07:03 PM: success Building static HTML for pages - 21.280s - 341/341 16.02/s
5:07:03 PM: success Generating image thumbnails - 160.309s - 426/426 2.66/s
5:07:03 PM: success onPostBuild - 0.572s
5:07:03 PM: info Done building in 931.731025429 sec
5:07:04 PM: Execution timed out after 15m0s
5:07:04 PM: Error running command: Command did not finish within the time limit
5:07:04 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
5:07:04 PM: failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit
5:07:04 PM: Finished processing build request in 16m28.637942515s

I found a couple of older topics with related issues, but I read that it was due to a limit on free accounts, which is not the case here.

This is the correct place, and engineer should be able to change this for you from what I’ve seen as long as you’re on the paid plan / have a card attached to the account :slight_smile:

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hi there, we have bumped your build timeout to 30 mins so you should now be able to build!

If you would like some more information on build times, these articles might be useful: