We are unable to add our own domain in netlify account

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  • We need to know your netlify site name. Example: pro-kazzah.netlify.app
  • DNS issues? pro.kazzah.co.uk we want to add this custom domain but it says its Another site is already using this domain. Can you please guide us in which account this will be added or can you please remove this from other account.

We have 3 following sites and unable to add custom site

  1. netlify site: pro-kazzah.netlify.app Custom Domain: pro.kazzah.co.uk
  2. netlify site: member-kazzah.netlify.app Custom Domain: mem.kazzah.co.uk
  3. netlify site: admin-kazzah.netlify.app Custom Domain: admin.kazzah.co.uk or apanel.kazzah.co.uk

I have requested to netlify support to kindly remove these domain if attached with any account.

The domain should be available to use.

@hrishikesh we own the domain, but on Netlify we are unable to assign it, we also try to create any new sub-domain with random words, and Netlify says that it’s not available.

Can you please help us to add these mentioned domains?

If possible you remove those domains with any associated site or just mention the username in which those domains are used.

We can remove the kazzah.co.uk domain provided you can prove ownership via TXT record. Let us know when that’s complete and we can take a look.

@sid.mann what TXT value should I need to add?

Hi please put 108175/3 value.

@sid.mann I have created the TXT record

I have created the TXT record with this value too.

@SamO I have created said records kindly proceed to remove the domains.

Hi @waqas.mehmood,

Thanks for the update. I’ve verified the TXT Record. You should be able to add the domain to your site.