Was told unnecessary dns codes were removed, now not getting emails

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I was told the uncessary dns codes were removed from my site (I copied over all 16 records listed in google domain) and thats why the dns propagation was prolonged. I did this because ive had the problem that im having now, once the site is moved dto netlify emails are not being received. Im wondering if something that was deemed “unnecessary” wasnt so unecessary after all? Now theres only 5 dns records and two of them are from netlify itself. Google domains has 3 categories of dns codes: Google workspace, google sites, and Required (not sure what that is). I see the only codes left on netlify are coming from the google workspace section, but there is an SPF code that isnt in netlify.

**Update: The mx records were all in one line seperated by spaces so i seperated them out into 5 separate records just now as well as added the SPF record that was missing. Now there are 10 records for my site instead of 5. Does the site refresh or something when you add more dns codes? In the dnschecker the MX and CNAME records all have red X’s instead of a green checkmark. Still not receiving emails.

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The mx records have already been added, theyre just not working. In google domains it said to make sure you added all the records under ‘Google Workspace’ I did that, and I was told in a previous response from netlify support that I had “unecessary” records, so they had been removed. Im trying to get to the bottom on whats is the distinction between necessary and unnecessary and why is the client not receiving emails. All 5 mx records were added to netlify from the beginning. The email stopped working once the site was hosted to netlify.

The MX DNS codes had the priority listed twice, so for example 1 1 www.blahlabha.net instead of just 1 www.blahbabh.net cause the record to be invalid. When I copied them from google domains, I thought the priority was a part of the value i needed so i grabbed the whole thing. Then netlify requires you to separately add the priority number which cause the duplication.

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