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Want to add a file with relation widget

Hi everyone !
I am new in Netlify CMS
I have already partly created custom widget which looks like as relation widget .
Now on text enter if there is no option , it will give an opportunity to add a new one .

My question - is there any way to create a .md file every time user will add his custom option ?

The relation widget isn’t able to create entries, no. You could try to do it in a custom widget or open a feature request.

thank you for quick answer !
I have already created custom widget , it allows user to add new options , but what I want is to create .md file for that new option .
I can not fine anywhere how can I trigger that event .
Is there any native solution for this ?

Hi @Avetis,

I don’t believe you could create a file using a widget. You can try to use the file widget to upload a blank .md file, but not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. If not, as stated above, you could create a feature request.