“Waiting on DNS propagation” stuck

I am trying to set up the SSL certificate for my site ([https://sparksoftware.com.br ]). When I click on “Verify DNS Configuration” it shows "DNS verification was successful "

I already add nameservers to point to Netlify and search for errors on “DNS checker” and “Lets Debug” but it say that is everything ok ok and I don’t have any idea what’s wrong with my website

I’ve followed the steps on this guide but still stuck “[Support Guide] Troubleshooting SSL certificate errors

Hi @keven.v.soares,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

There may be an issue as you’ve added a CAA Record and a CNAME Record to the DNS Zone. Could you first try removing the CNAME Record and see if you continue to have issues? I’m seeing errors here: