“Waiting on DNS propagation” is stuck

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Everything seems fine but there is only one problem:

  1. The DNS propagation message (“Waiting on DNS propagation”) seems to be stuck for hours. I tried to click “Verify DNS configuration”, every time this message appears :

DNS verification was successful.
If provisioning your certificate takes longer than 24 hours, please contact support"

This is the link to my build log

Hi, @GodBishtji, the error occurring is this:

CN was longer than 64 bytes

Simply put the domain name is so long only the apex/root/bare domain is can be covered. There is more about this here:

The domain name is los-angeles-california-solar-product-install-cost-calculator.com which is 64 bytes long and, therefore, no subdomains (like www) can be included for this SSL certificate.

The solution for this will be to use a shorter domain name for this site or to only use the apex domain. If you want to use only the apex domain, please let us know as that is a setting change only our support team can make at this time.

If there are any questions, please let us know.

hey @luke
Our team wants to continue with this domain only as it is based for LA only and our company fixed that, so could you please help and tell how to proceed regarding this. Can you tell how to use the apex domain only so that the SSL certificate can be provided.

Hey @GodBishtji,

We’re looking in to this issue for you and we’ll respond again once we have a definitive answer :+1:.

ohk thanks @Pie
waiting eagerly

Hi, @GodBishtji, we have a correction and can now provision an SSL certificate but only for the root domain of los-angeles-california-solar-product-install-cost-calculator.com (again because 64 bytes is the maximum length for a CN in a certificate).

However, right now that domain no longer points to Netlify:

los-angeles-california-solar-product-install-cost-calculator.com. 600 IN A 

That IP address isn’t one Netlify controls.

If you still want us to SSL for this root domain, please let us know.

Again, before we can do so the DNS has to point the domain to our systems. This can be done with an ALIAS record pointing to the site subdomain under netlify.app (heuristic-ride-9ad468.netlify.app) or by making an A record pointing to

​Please let us know if there are any questions.

Hey @luke the certificate has been provisioned from SSL , Thanks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: