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Waiting on DNS propagation for 48 hours

It’s been 48 hours and our we are still getting the message: Waiting on DNS propagation.

This is happening for 3 domains/sites:




We really need need to get the site secured so we can use the domains that are attached to the sites.



Hey @scott1,
Sorry for the trouble. We did get SSL certificates issued for two of your sites:

  • lucid-jackson-7f80ba.netlify.app
  • pensive-hawking-25c2ab.netlify.app

The third, cranky-sinoussi-ba2d32, is still giving us trouble. One thing that might be an issue is this invalid redirect:
/member https://zurly.com/rabun-card/member:splat

Can you change that to:
/member/* https://zurly.com/rabun-card/member:splat

and we’ll see if we can get the SSL certificate issued for that one?

Thank you so much! Okay I’ve made the change you’ve suggested.

Hello @jen I’ve made the changes you suggested and still waiting for the SSL cert. Thanks

Hello @jen I’ve made the request you asked for and I’m still not getting the cert. What should I do?

@jen it’s been a week now and no replies. Looks like I should probably look for alternatives to netlfiy if this is how netlify operates their support team

Hey @scott1,
In digging into debugging your last cert, we noticed that the only files you are deploying are redirect rules, which proxy all requests to external sites. Do you intend to host websites on Netlify using these domains? If not, we should help you migrate off our DNS hosting, which is intended to support our customers who are building and hosting sites with us.

Hey @jen yes we are goign to be proxying to external sites. We want the same setup of the other two sites ( pensive-hawking-25c2ab.netlify.app , lucid-jackson-7f80ba.netlify.app) as with cranky-sinoussi-ba2d32

We don’t intend to host SSL certificates and DNS records for sites that are only redirects. If there’s any information you need from us in order to migrate off our service, please let me know. And if you start building and deploying websites on Netlify and need troubleshooting help, we can help with that.

@jen You’ve dug into our last sites and we have the exact same setup on two other sites that are working fine. Are you purposely trying to make this more difficult for us? We’ve spent 10 days now to get 3 replies. If your intention is to push us away by not fixing a bug because you choose not to then you’re doing a fine job.

hi Scott1, to reiterate what Jen said above, we do not offer to hosting for SSL certificates and DNS records that are sites that are only redirects.

That is relevant to all sites where it applies, regardless if whether they are currently working or not! Let us know if you need any further assistance migrating your SSL and DNS off our service.

Hey @perry if that’s the case then why was that not addressed 8 days ago when I was told that I simply needed to make some changes to the redirects file?

Hi, @scott1, see SSL certificates working for all three sites now (pensive-hawking-25c2ab , lucid-jackson-7f80ba, and cranky-sinoussi-ba2d32 ).

I show the certificates were updated for each one at the following times (in the order the subdomains as listed above):

Thu, 11 Jun 2020 22:39:57 UTC +00:00
Thu, 11 Jun 2020 23:02:33 UTC +00:00
Fri, 19 Jun 2020 21:25:40 UTC +00:00

It appears that the SSL certificate for cranky-sinoussi-ba2d32 updated a few hours after your last update here.

Hi there, @Tee1 :wave:

I see you have posted in five threads about the same topic. Please refrain from opening multiple threads with the same question. I assure you, we will assist you as soon as we are able to. I will be closing this thread. If you have further questions, you can follow up on this thread.