VuePress not using CDN URL when revisiting page

Site info:

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If you navigate to the following page, halfway down is an image showing an After Effects UI:

The first time this page loads, the image loads from the CDN URL:

However, if you click any link in the app, then come back, the image loads using the path the application stores to render the page:

Unfortunately, this is an image-heavy site, and results in the entire site loading all images without using the CDN.

How can I solve this?

I was wondering if rewrites might be an answer but the cloudfront URL base is different for each image.

Really hoping for someone with some great domain knowledge to contribute here!

Hello there, @davestewart !

I see that @Scott has responded to you in the Helpdesk, so I encourage you to continue the conversation there.

For context in case other folks pop on this thread, per @Scott, this is not a common problem per se – it just requires an alternate solution! There are some build plugins that could potentially work here. Additionally, Cloudinary might be able to do the trick.