Vite Vue deployed throwing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN


I’m currently still new in Netlify deployment, I tried to initially deployed my Vue app in Vite build which is connected to my git repo, viewing the logs there seems to be a no issue but when I preview the app on the page is not loading and just showing the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”. Tried on my mobile but it is also showing the same error but after a couple of times the site has appeared, but on my laptop it is just returning the said DNS error. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey @ninjamon23

Can you say where you are located (which country)?

I am able to load your app without issue

Hi @coelmay ,

I’m in Southeast Asia, Philippines to be exact. Thank you.

This is the page being shown on my end.

Hey @ninjamon23

I suspected that was the case. Unfortunately you have encountered a known issue that is not of Netlify’s making, and something they do not have the direct ability to remedy— sub-domains are blocked by at least one Internet Service Provider in the Philippines as outlined in the following thread.

Thanks for the link on the questions, it does help a lot. It seems the temporary fix is either use a VPN or set the laptop network DNS to google or other provider. I’ll try to call my ISP provider for this issue as well to check on their end why it’s happening. Thank you.