Very slow TTFB on netlify site

My website,, has a very slow ttfb and I can’t understand why: Sucuri Load Time Tester.

Some info:

DNS: namecheap

Hosting: netlify

Do you think something is wrong on my end?

Thanks in advance

Hi @daolf ,

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I’m seeing a TTFB of 30ms for your site (total 221 ms) on the root page. Since you didn’t give a number you are seeing, is this too slow for you or are you getting a higher number?

Here’s the Netlify test site results:Website Speed Test Tool - by Netlify

I actually used a different site to test, but they came out really similar.

Hi @talves and thank you for your answer.

I used Google Speed Insight to measure this: PageSpeed Insights.

It shows a TTFB of 0.70s, which is very slow.

I really can’t understand where does this discrepancy comes between Google and Netlify tests.

I see a much slower speed on that page “How to submit a form with Puppeteer?” so I would review what might be happening with assets on that page.

Also, here is a good insight from the head of support at Netlify.

Thanks again,

But if I understand correctly, we don’t have control over cache right?

The blog page is as light as the landing page.

I can’t understand why Netlify is slow only for those pages.

Hey there, @daolf :wave:

It looks like this thread has been pretty quiet this past week. Are you still encountering issues? If so, have you taken any additional debugging steps since you last posted?

Let us know :slight_smile: