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Very slow TTFB on first hit

I have a problem that my static website build with Hugo is loading very slow on the first visit of each not visited page.
I get TTFB from 20ms up to 1.2sec without doing redeployments

It’s really sad to see 600+ms as this is a fully static jamstack site. Setting up an old school wordpress blog would be even faster with about 200ms

It feels like the files have a cold start if not called often and they seem not to stay warm for long…

To get DNS and custom Domain setup out of the way I did all the tests with the given netlify subdomain, (my custom domain have the same problem)

Is there any way to keep the files warm ? I already have the business package

Hi @Yonnic

What is the site you are referring to?

It’s a client site and I better not make it public here.
By searching this forum i guess i found the best answer to all such kind of problems from “fool”

I am from Germany and this site will get 95% traffic from Germany. The Site is a big shop with lot of products, resulting in a bad local cache hit rate

Is it possible to set the primary server which hosts the files to Frankfurt ? This will avoid the slow fetch from US

If you get in touch with the Help desk they should be able to help you relocate the server to a better region for you.

However… in this instance I would recommend exploring the uses of pre-rendering which does exactly what you are describing: “keeps the files warm”

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: