Very slow static file access (TTFB problem)

Hi! I realize there are four other posts in this forum about this exact issue, but I can’t find a solution for the life of me. I’m experiencing very slow TTFB on a few of my assets, which include very small svgs, images and fonts. Geographically, I’m in Ecuador, so that might be a part of the issue, but it’s very, very slow.

I took an example x-nf-request-id:

A HAR file for some other examples can be found here here… (Link available for a week, I can reupload)

As you can see, we have a few files that take around 5-7 seconds. This has been happening nonstop for about 2 days.

We’ve tried it on different cloud providers as well with faster TTFB (around 300 -600 ms). We would like to continue using Netlify though. Is there a way we could see what’s going on? Thanks a bunch!

That is quite slow, slower than we’d expect! I’d suggest a couple of things:

  1. retry the load a few times. We cache your files opportunistically, so first load will be “move content from load to CDN node’s local cache”. We have rather more than 1 CDN node in every location (including your likely nearest, in Sao Paolo), so you’ll want to load a few times and then measure the time.

  2. check what IP you connect to. It is quite possible that for some reason our geographic routing is going to somewhere further away. Let me know the IP address that nslookup returns from a terminal so I can make sure that isn’t happening.

  1. I’ve tried that to no avail. I have reloaded the page from multiple computers at least a few times but loading times don’t improve.

  2. $ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
Server:  UnKnown

Addresses:  2604:a880:400:d1::7ff:b001

It seems it comes from NY, which should be fast…

Hmm, I don’t see anything that is suboptimally configured there, at least presuming that you are on/near the east coast of the US. I’m also unable to see any very slow loads today despite a few dozen reloads with cache disabled - are you still seeing the problem?

This 3rd party testing tool corroborates pretty fast loads worldwide:

Yeah… We tried that, and other sites:

The only one that has “similar results” than the ones we’re observing in Ecuador, is this one:

Test run from Dulles, VA

Test run from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Very, VERY weird.

Internet routing is weird, I guess…I don’t see anything substantially bad in any of your links in the last post, except the DNS lookup from Sao Paolo. That is the location of our nearest CDN node, but we can’t really control DNS lookups…

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Hi everyone, we have some great news :tada:

We have tested & rolled out a fix for these issues.

More information here:

Please feel free to discuss on that thread, I will close this one (and others) so to contain the conversation a bit more. Thank you all for your patience :pray: