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Very slow images

Site https://icmc-books.netlify.app/
it is nuxt.js based… nothing complicated. Lots of images though, quite big but lazy loaded.
No custom domain…
Images are incredibly slow to load.
for example on https://icmc-books.netlify.app/photobook/india/
I’ve deployed on vercel and on another server and all images are instantly load when in viewport.
If I start a local server on my machine it is instant too.
Any Idea why this is so slow ?
Thank you,

It would be good to see the vercel comparison as a link.
You could ensure that the images you use are the correct size to your usecase, also some images like the India map come in at 180Kb, you could do a lossless compress on the image before you use it, you’d probably get a 50% reduction with no quality loss?

Also, I might be wrong but if the image is at the top of the page and not dynamic etc, would it make sense for it to not be lazy loaded? Maybe worth a try, however, if you say it’s instant on vercel the comparison would be more helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you !
you are right about the image size and lazy load… Thank you but even like this, you can see the difference with these deploys:

You can find vercel deploy here https://icmcbooks-rmrkyco7t.vercel.app/photobook/india

And another one here on a simple test server (apache)

I actually thought the vercel deploy was slowest?

This doesn’t mean too much but I advise you run them yourself and dig deeper (F12 then lighthouse and run the report in chrome) assuming all deploys are the same.

Largest contenful paint on netlify averaged at 3.9s, vercel was 4.7s.

Total blocking time was the only slower statistic on netlify at 320ms vs vercel 240ms.


Apache Server


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Thanks Aaron ! It is funny because those numbers - even if I can reproduce them - do not reflect at all the experience I have as a user… I’ll probably treat those images in another way maybe with cloudinary. That’ll be more handy.

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