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Verifying domain for conflicting ownership error


I’m getting a “name is already taken, SITE is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones” error when I try and add my custom domain name to my site.

I’m about to add a TXT record following the steps in [Support Guide] Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain.

Thank you!

The TXT should be there now at verified-for-netlify.computers.lol. Are there any other steps I need to take?

Nothing else, I just removed that config from the other account so you should be able to use it now. Please let me know if not!

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Hello, im sry i don’t know where to ask but it seems i have the same issue :
“name is already taken, interactive-developer.com is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”
Its with a domain i own :
" interactive-developer.com "
I tried first with an other one and it worked great but this one doesn’t
I did reset on my domain provider the dns zone but i changed nothing.
Could you help me with that ?

Hi, @DRivoire. There is a DNS zone for this domain on another team. We can delete the zone from the other team if you can confirm you control that domain. We have a support guide about verifying DNS domains:

Would you please take a look at that support guide and make the verification DNS record as it describes? Once the DNS record is made, please reply here and we will be happy to delete the zone on the other team.