Verify domain ownership using TXT record

We are going live with a new website soon and I would like to verify the domain ownership using a txt record to avoid breaking the existing website.

I found this post [Support Guide] Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain but it’s not clear what should be the value.

Let’s use as the domain

Could anyone help please?


I don’t get it. What do you think you’ll end up breaking?

The article that you’ve linked talks about adding a DNS record to verify website ownership when you’ve contacted Netlify via a support ticket. It should not be required in normal cases.

Thanks for the quick response.
We have an existing website

We don’t want to change the DNS and point it to Netlify until we have SSL set up in Netlify.
If we change the DNS, users will start going to netlify but SSL will not be set up yet.

Hope that makes sense.

Netlify won’t serve SSL unless your domain points to its records. So, the downtime is unavoidable.

just to confirm, we can’t verify the domain ownership using a TXT record? then change the CNAME after SSL is set up

As I said in my first reply, the TXT record is only to verify your domain when you’d communicate with Netlify regarding a support issue. You’ll get a case ID which you can enter there. It’s then manually verified. It has no connection with DNS verification on Netlify.

The DNS setup for SSL won’t work with TXT records, it’s a technical limitation.

Got it, thank you for your help