Valid domain appears as Invalid

I have recently bought the domain “nsa.troll” from namecheap and when I tried adding it to my netlify team I got the error message that its an invalid domain!

I really dont know what might cause this besides maybe that the tld is so new its unsupported by netlify

The domain nsa.troll is a Handshake domain. It does not appear in the Root Zone Database as a generic TLD or country codeTLD. It is therefore not a valid domain. The Namecheap Handshake Domains page contains pertinent information 7 ways to access your Handshake domain and an FAQs section which outlines how Handshake is different and not directly compatible with DNS.

It is probably unsupported by Netlify but not because it is a new TLD but because it isn’t a TLD in the DNS that runs the Internet.