Using proxy Url Partytown

I can not use a proxy url from partytown hosting a Gatsby website on Netlify. Do I have to change to Gatsby Cloud? Or will it change now Netlify and Gatsby are going together.

I get: warn One of the glob patterns doesn’t match any files. Please remove or fix the following: {
“globDirectory”: “public”,
“globPattern”: “__third-party-proxy?”,
“globIgnores”: [

when I put partytownProxiedURLs: [${process.env.GATSBY_GA_MEASUREMENT_ID}], in gatsby-config.js

I’m not sure if that’s a Gatsby Cloud-specific way to configure proxying, but if it is, any of those options won’t be available on Netlify (just yet). You should try using Netlify Rewrites or Edge Functions to proxy.