Using OAuth access control with branch subdomains maybe not working?

Hello, I’m having a problem with my site precious-gumption-22de97. I’ve set up GitHub OAuth access with a client ID and secret and my code that uses OAuth works fine on the sites main domain. However I also have several branch subdomains set up and when I try to authenticate one one of those sites the Netlify OAuth window with the big “Authorize” button pops up and doesn’t go away they way it normally does. If I close it or wait a while it does eventually go away but I’m not then logged into Github in my app.

I don’t see any errors in the browser console in my main page nor in the Netlify popup so I’m not sure where to look next.

How can we reproduce this issue?

I have no idea. I guess my first question is this supposed to work? I.e. if I set up the GitHub OAuth access for the domain should that work on subdomains? If the answer is, “no”, then that’s that. But if it’s supposed to work maybe you can tell me where I can see more debugging information given that the browser-side console is empty.

Is it possible that branch subdomains have a different site ID? I set up a new top-level deploy and until I remembered to change the site ID in my code it behaved a lot like the branch subdomain was. Except I don’t see a different site ID to use for the branch subdomain.

I don’t think so. But a definiteive answer can be provided by GitHub support than Netlify.

No, a site has just one ID.