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Using Netlify DNS to point to externally hosting blog site

I am considering using Netlify DNS for a website. I have a custom domain name example.org set up for it in the Netlify account. I would move DNS records over from another DNS server. I would want to point from Netlify DNS to an externally hosted blog site using blog as the subdomain. It currently uses blog.example.org and I need to know whether to create an A record and point to its current IP number or if I should create a CNAME. If the latter and I use blog.example.org while the apex domain is on Netlify, won’t there be problems resolving once I change which DNS the domain points to from the registrar? What would be the best approach?

hi there @betterimagesofai , unfortunately, we don’t support using Netlify DNS to point to websites not hosted by our platform - it goes against our terms of service, i’m afraid. You’ll have to find a different DNS service to achieve your goal. best of luck.

Hi thanks for replying.

So it is not possible to use even a CNAME record to point to another website, even though one can add those records, let alone an A record?

I do have the DNS at my regular hosting provider, so I guess I can add an A record to point to the website on Netlify along with a CNAME for the www.? Are those the only two records needed and what would be the values?

Many thanks, Marc

We are using Netlify to host the site with the root domain example.com and only wanted to consider if using Netlify DNS to additionally point to blog.example.com on another hosting provider. And if using Netlify DNS for the root domain site, whether it might be better to use a CNAME record to point to a subdomain blog.example.com or an A record to point blog.example.com to a server IP on another hosting provider?

Just trying to consider where best to host the DNS to accommodate such a scenario.



Hi @betterimagesofai,

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