Using Moment.js on datetime field for use in slug

Am I able to use moment.js to strip a year from a datetime field to use in a slug name?

  - label: "Games"
    name: "games"
    folder: "content/games"
    create: true
    identifier_field: gamenumber
    slug: 'game-{{gamenumber}}-{{opponent.teamname}}-{{gamedate|year}}' <-- something like that
    format: 'json'
      - {label: "Game Number", name: "gamenumber", widget: "string"}
      - {label: "Game Date", name: "gamedate", widget: "datetime"}

Hi @p3lican, we have it for summary templates

I suggest opening a feature request to support it for slug.

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Thanks for the reply. I have an opened a feature request:

Haven’t done that before so if I need to update it any way I will do so. Just let me know. Thank you.