Using GraphQl w/ Gatsby to access image in media library?

I’m currently using Wordpress as a headless CMS for my Gatsby website. With GraphQL, I’m able to bring the image from WP into Gatsby and manipulate with gatsby-image.

I cannot figure out how to accomplish the same task with Netlify CMS. I’ve added an “image” widget to my page and successfully saved an image through the CMS. I can also access the image data with Graphiql for use with gatsby-image. However, I cannot figure out how to associate the image with the page it was saved from. Is there a way to do this in config.yml? It would be nice to attach a label to the image so I can know where it belongs. What am I missing here?

I hope this makes sense and someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve been pounding my head against my desk all day.


Got it figured out and working. Needed to use this…


Great to hear you got things figured out! And thank you for coming back here to share your solution. That is much appreciated!